Vastu Shastra is an empirical tradition

Vastu Shastra is an empirical tradition

“Do not head towards south while sleeping”, “Keep your study room so as you have quality and peaceful environment to study”, we often experience such guidelines followed by our elders since ages. This is Vastu Shastra, basically a traditional Hindu system of architecture.

Vastu Shastra is nothing but the science of architecture which are texts that revolve around principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry.The Vastu shastra principles are specifically designed for Mandir (Hindu temples), the layout of houses, towns, cities, shops and other public areas. This has been followed by people since ages in order to ensure the construction in a better way that will help in healthy living and create overall prosperity.

This is not just the belief of people but actually a proven science based on climatology.

Some of the prominent and basic Vastu Shahstra tips:

For routine lifestyle:

Never leave your plate as it is after dinner for the next morning. At least put water. It will be better if we clean and keep it.

Never keep dustbin in front of the main door. Person entering the house should not see the dustbin.

Do not keep broomstick in the dining area. Always keep it hidden especially under the sofa.

Don’t clean your room with the broomstick after sunset.

Do not hit any animal with the broomstick.

For study room:

The study room should be placed either in the Northeast/East or West side of the house.

Students must face East/North while studying.

Use light/neutral color scheme for better learning power.

For Puja room:

The Puja room should always be situated in the North, East or the Northeast side of the house.

One should face towards East/North while worshipping.

Nothing should be stored above the cabinet or the slab where the god’s idol has been placed.

For Kitchen:

The best suitable direction for the placement of kitchen is South-East as the element Fire governs here. However, alternate direction North-west can also be considered good.

The door of the kitchen should never face the door of the toilet and there should be no toilets and bathrooms adjoining above or below the kitchen.

For windows:

The very large windows should be placed at East, North and Northeast sides.

The medium ones should be placed at South-East corners and northwest corners.

The small ones should be placed at west and south sides.

The very small windows should be placed at the southwest room.

Vastu principles are universally applicable are have given satisfactory results so far. All these principles are subject to very few modifications, sometimes a little, sometimes more.


There are many more tips you can use in Vastu Shastra and improve your living.

There are many other factors other than Vastu shastra, which can impact your personal as well as your professional life.  Those factors can be your signature, Business card, brand color, the logo of your firm, brand name, Aura Vastu etc.

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