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The seminar organised by Chhattisgarh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (CCCI), Bhilai on 17 th November at Amit International park, Bhilai. In this seminar Jayant Pandey, the Brand Astrologer will deliver the lecture on “ kaise badale bhagya?” focusing on 6 points and detailed explanation of energy vastu and 16 Directions of Vastu Shastra, Business Logo, Business Card, Signature, Gems and Yantra.
To attend this free cost of seminar, registration is compulsory.
Call: 9907406903, 8224044426
Venue: Hotel Amit Park International, Bhilai

Two Days Workshop on Advance Scientific Vastu - 14th & 15th July 2018

The Workshop on Advance Vastu is going to held on 14th and 15th July 2018                    at The Club, D.N.Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, which is organized by Brand Astrologer (Kaatyaayani Jyotish) and All India Federation of Astrologers Society (Delhi).
Our Expert Dr. Ravinder Sharma, Director of ShubhUrja will share his great knowledge on Advance Vastu.                                                                                                        Through this workshop, you can make an in-depth study of your home, land, office or factory and effortlessly to overcome obstacles in your life and balance all the directions without making any architectural changes. Various aspects of Vastu will be discussed in the workshop:

  • To check proper direction via compass.            
  • Making of Vastu Graph and get to know about the solutions for the wrong direction.
  • Making map according to the measurement.
  • Know the principal directions, divisions, elements, external effects, and energy   techniques of traditional Vastu.
  • Checking the Vastu in architectural structure and fix the Vastu without changing the structure.
  • To redress Vastu by color therapy.
  • Tracing and fixing of Geopathic stress, which creates 80 percent of the problems for a human.
  • Checking and increasing of Aura.
  • Checking the compatibility of flats, city, town, work, number, name etc which is good for you.
  • Checking and healing of the body chakras to get rid of diseases.
  • To know about the coming problems in a person’s life through the photographs.
  • Get the answers to any question with the help of cosmic energy.
  • To check if there is any demon, evil eye or any kind of tie in a person or building and fixing the problem.
  • To do healing power, advance healing, and distance healing.
  • To know about Vastu remedies for business expansion.

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Contact No.    Heena: 9820692303 , Kirti: 022-26301973

Astrological Conclave Money and share market.

A great conclave organised by Mr Jayant Pandey, in 2016 at Sahara Star, Mumbai regarding the money and share market, were more than 500 astrologers participated and presented their research regarding the share market. With the help of astrology, it easy to predict about the share market. Whether it is beneficial to trade or not. On this special day a new share market software launched by AIFAS, a software that guides for trade in the share market.