How Astrology predicts health?

How Astrology predicts health?

This health day, take a pledge to Stay healthy and be aware of the harmful symptoms of various diseases.

“There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life”- Varahamihira

Astrology has answers to all your questions and solution to all your problems. We are born with a zodiac sign that defines our nature and personality. Since ages, historians use astrology and horoscope to track health issues and find ways to solve them. The astrology that deals with medicinal problems is called as medical astrology.

A person’s horoscope gives several clues that indicates your health and describes measures to solve the problemsrelated to health. The four major factors in the horoscope that essentially are health indicators are: the What, How, Where, and Why.

Planets and similar points in the horoscope reflects that what happens, and what active power is at work.

Zodiac signs shows how the planets act, and the characteristic of the event.

Houses predominantly show whereone’s life, in what environment is, theplanets act.

Aspects are primarily the special angles between planets which reflects why the planets act as they do.

It is the same regarding your health horoscope too.


If a planet gets obstructed, it can usually cause health related problems that are directly linked to its own nature, and with the characteristics of the zodiac sign the planet is in, usually in the body part governed by that particular zodiac sign.

Possibly the health problems that you are dealing with is likely to be influenced by the environment of the house the planet is associated in. Also, for this very reason the planet causing trouble is seen crucial and needs to be improved.

Medical astrology helps in diagnosing all the health related diseases from the signs, houses and planets. The mere causes of ill health is likely to be discovered before its actual appearance in the human body through Vedic astrology horoscope. When bad planets tend to influence the bad houses like Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces, then it leads to serve ill health.

This is what all you need to examine in your heath horoscope. Butobvious, this is defiantly going to take some time to understand the astrological variables correctly.

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