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About Jayant Pandey

Astrology is the language of the universe. A language that is well spoken by Mr. Jayant Pandey. The world needs balance inside and outside and Mr. Jayant Pandey has found a fulsome approach to balancing energies.
With a firm hold in energy Vastu, he is proficient in understanding the negatives inside people and helping them live a thriving positive life. Learning astrology with his grandfather since the age of 12, we can say that astrology is in his blood. Helping artists, sportsperson, businessmen, and people from all walks of life, he has created a special place in their hearts.

Astrology is his superpower that he uses to balance chakras, cleanse auras, and ultimately help us lead a life with fewer obstacles and happiness. Through these practices, he is promoting good health, well-being, free-flow of our abundant energies. It ensures our physical, mental, and emotional good health. He has come up with multiple initiatives that are fruitful and that spread the message of humanity and here are a few of them.


His initiatives Mr. Jayant Pandey is an online Vastu consultant and is helping people take the right step even during the difficult times of this pandemic. He is the vice president of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies helping various students learn the art of this universe. He is the founder of Kaatyaayani Jyotish introducing the wonderful work of brand astrology. He can help your brand grow with his vast knowledge about the right business logo, business cards, and brand name.

He is much loved and respected amongst industrialists and celebrities for his generous contribution to the betterment of people’s business and lives. His knowledge and expertise of 36 years have always created a positive environment. Mr. Jayant Pandey gives a detailed analysis of your chakras and how to balance each of them. His cognizance of gemstones has helped industrialists reach heights in their businesses and personal life.
People speak of him with high dignity and love.

His help has sheltered brands and has also sheltered people’s homes. Cleaning the Vastu doshas of residential areas, removing negative charges, has helped people find peace. Isn’t it the desire of every beating heart? His eye for detail is a quality never seen before. He can find out any doshas that lie in your house and suggest highly powerful remedies for them.

He has traveled across the globe to help people. His helping hands have reached Nepal, Dubai, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Europe,London,New York, San Fransisco, and many other parts of the world. His articles are published in various magazines, newspapers, and he has shared his knowledge in various events, TV channels, and interviews. He never stopped and is not stopping anytime soon. And I can say, ‘When the most important things around you are put right, your life grows explicitly and he can make it happen.’

About Brand Astrology

Brand Astrology is a new concept in Astrology world, a study that gives the full data with respect to individual and his business, considering the individuals’s horoscope, organization’s horoscope, business card , business logo , colour that come in the utilization of the organization. It includes Business logo and card designing, Aura Vaastu, Best brand name selection and Signature analysis and provide solutions to improve the progress of the organization and balance positive energy in working environment.

Insights into Brand Astrology

Jayant Pandey is a prominent Brand Astrologer and Aura Vaastu Expert. He began his Astrological Studies
from grandfather and soon chose to seek it as a profession. With this assurance, he investigated each part of the Astrology.
Jayant Ji is the organizer of Kaatyaayani Jyotish, My Solutions, and Astro Country. He is Vice President of
All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies (AIFAS) established in 2001.

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