About Jayant Pandey

One of the greatest Brand Astrologer across the world, Mr.Jayant Pandey founder of Kaatyaayani Jyotish and vice president of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies (AIFAS), who founded the concept of astrology in a unique way and help people to utilize it for the betterment of Business Logo Creation, Business Card, Best name Selection of the organization and provide solution for the enhancement of positive energy of workplace with the help of Aura Vaastuand brought many positive changes in people lives.

Born in an Indian Brahmin family in the year 1973, right from childhood, he has a great interest in Mathematics and showed penchant towards astrology knowledge, SoWith the help of his grandfather he started learning astrology and At the age of 12, he started to serve as an astrologer. Till date, he has made more than 70,000 birth charts of people and His Services Related to Brand Astrology has been served all across the globe rather it be a businessman, Industrialist, Film Industry, Sports Person or Artist.

With the help of his new formula's, he created awareness amongst all of the astrology world, and conducted various successful Conference in 2016 at Sahara Star Mumbai and in 2010 at Bhilai and was awarded at many national and international places for his Research in astrology.

For the publicity of astrology and for the sake of profit of people hetravelled to Nepal, Sri lanka, Dubai, South Africa, Thailand, Belgium, Switzerland, Paris, London, Scotland, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York, Alan town & many countries of the UK, Europe, and America.

Mr.Jayant Pandey has time to time published the knowledge of astrology in Social Events, magazines, News Papers & many important T.V channels.

About Brand Astrology

Brand Astrology is a new concept in Astrology world, a study that gives the full data with respect to individual and his business, considering  the individuals’s horoscope, organization’s horoscope, business card , business logo , colour that come in the utilization of the organization. It includes Business logo and card designing, Aura Vaastu, Best brand name selection and Signature analysis and provide solutions to improve the progress of the organization and balance positive energy in working environment.


Jayant Pandey is a prominent Brand Astrologer and Aura Vaastu Expert. He began his Astrological Studies from grandfather and soon chose to seek it as a profession. With this assurance, he investigated each part of the Astrology.

Jayant Ji is the organizer of Kaatyaayani Jyotish, My Solutions, and Astro Country. He is Vice President of All India Federation of Astrologer's Societies (AIFAS) established in 2001.

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Logo / Symbol Suggestion

Logo/Symbol is the signature of the association. The principal purpose of contact amongst you

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Brand Name Selection

In Brand Astrology, We select the name of an organization considering the individual

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Aura Vaastu

Aura means energy. Energy can be positive or negative. As different persons have

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Signature Analysis

Your Signature is central to your identity, unique and it shows how you want the world

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Business Card Suggestion

A Correct business card is likewise acting as your partner in the market. Business card is the delegate

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Brand Colour Suggestion

A brand Color recommendation is a special administration which considers the Brand Name

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